Eddie Kingston No Shows House Of Glory High Intensity Event

(Photo Credit: ROH)

In front of a packed crowd in the NYC Arena in Queens, NY, the fans were ready and anticipating a showdown for the House Of Glory Crown Jewel Championship Match between Eddie Kingston and Champion Charles Mason. Mason entered the ring and addressed the crowd. He cut a promo on the crowd.

He said, “Now I came here for the self-proclaimed King. I came for Eddie Kingston. But your Eddie Kingston is too much of a coward to show up in my city. Ever since he got a little contract, making a little money for once in his life, he changed on all of you!”

Mason continued saying Kingston never comes back, and he’s been holding down this company for 500 days. The crowd chanted for Kingston in the hopes this was part of the plan, but to no prevail; Kingston was not there.

He told the referee to ring the bell to start the match and count out Kingston. The referee began to count when Masha Slamovich came down to answer the call and challenge Mason for the title. They proceed to have a match in which Mason successfully defended his title in a hard-fought, tough battle.

HOG did post on their Instagram hours before the event that “Due to circumstances beyond our control, Eddie Kingston will not be appearing tonight.” Even with this post, many in the crowd seemed genuinely surprised that Eddie Kingston was not there. There is currently no word as to why Kingston was pulled from the event.