Former WWE Star Says The Whole Truth About Vince McMahon Hasn’t Even Come Out Yet

In a video posted to his social media accounts, former WWE star Ryback commented on the news that Vince McMahon was accused of sex trafficking by a former WWE employee.

Ryback stated, “I’ve been telling you guys the truth for almost 8 years on this piece of s***. Do I have your attention now? The truth always wins, even if it takes time. But the truth will always come out eventually and always prevail victorious. This man, if you even wanna call him that, manchild, a scared little boy in an old man’s body, is obsessed with power and control, in tormenting good human beings. The first time I ever looked in that little boy’s eyes, I saw pure evil and I knew I wanted nothing to do with him and his piece of s*** company at that time.”

“This piece of s*** has all my social media suppressed and tried to turn good people against me, with all the lies and fake accusations, but mainly trying to hurt the perception of me to the people out there. I’ve got my health back, coming back bigger and better than ever. He’s gonna be done, the truth will ruin this man. The whole truth hasn’t even come out yet, there’s so much worse that’s gonna come out with him and I’ve been telling you guys for 8 years. Good luck Vince.”