Kenny Omega Reacts To Fan Criticism Over AEW: Fight Forever

AEW Games has been dealing with some criticism over the new AEW: Fight Forever video game.

Released last week, some of the feedback for the first-ever AEW video game has been critical, and on Sunday, “The Cleaner” took to social media to respond to some of the criticism.

“Having fun on AEW: Fight Forever but it needs A LOT OF WORK,” wrote Twitter user UNSANCTIONED TV. “I want this to be an official feedback thread if you have played/are currently playing please comment below and PLEASE DON’T IGNORE THIS!”

Omega responded, “As someone who plays a ton of fighting games and FPS, I’ll always encourage fixes and re-balancing when situations like these turn up. There will be continued support for the game so all this feedback and suggestions are great! Thank you!”