Latest On How Endeavor Owner Ari Emanuel Will Handle Vince McMahon Allegations

After being accused of sex trafficking in a new lawsuit, Vince McMahon resigned from WWE and UFC parent company TKO Group Holdings on Friday night.

In a report on, Mike Johnson stated that one source said, ‘if anyone believes for a second’ that Endeavor owner Ari Emanuel wanted to discover the type of allegations brought forth in the Janel Grant lawsuit, not just about a company he purchased – but a company that has been employing his own daughter at WWE HQ for several years – they ‘don’t know Emanuel’ and they don’t understand how ‘ferociously he will eradicate’ anything that needs to be taken care of to protect his businesses.

According to the same source, if Emanuel was willing to walk away from Saudi Arabia investments years ago without ‘blinking an eye’, he’ll have no problem ‘removing anything and anyone still remaining’ that could potentially hurt or impact WWE’s business going forward.