Matt Cardona Shares His Thoughts On MJF, Says He Looks Like A Million Bucks

Pro wrestling veteran and GCW General Manager Matt Cardona recently spoke with Fightful’s Jeremy Lambert & SP3 on In The Weeds on a number of topics including top AEW star MJF.

Cardona said, “He looks great.” “Looks like a million bucks. Lean, but still jacked, which is very hard to do. He’s got that chest-stomach hair coming in good. Looks like a young Hugh Jackman. Looks great.”

“I love MJF. I think he’s fantastic. I do question his tanning abilities sometimes. Wear some gloves, dude. I don’t know if he’s getting sprayed at a place or if he’s doing it himself, but if he’s doing it himself, here’s what I do; I wear gloves. When you’re tanning yourself, it gets in your nails and all over your hands. I wear gloves, I rub everywhere, and I take the gloves off so my hands are nice and clean. Then I spray the hands by themselves. It comes out way nicer. A little tip.”

You can check out Cardona’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)