Matt Hardy Involved In Heated Online Exchange With Jim Cornette’s Podcast Co-host

Jim Cornette said Matt Hardy is “selling his soul” by praising The Elite, and Hardy responded on Twitter.

Cornette’s podcast host Brian Last got involved in the heated online debate on Sunday night.

Here’s what they said:

Last: “He [Matt] thinks he is great at what he does! We’ve all been watching: His promos suck, his in-ring work is shit, and the only thing anyone has ever been interested in him doing is tagging in his brother. Jim telling the truth is ‘seeding dissension’? How many concussions is too many?”

Matt: “I am great at what at do, Brian Least. I am great at pro wrestling. I am great at giving back & helping young talent. You’re just some asshole with an opinion & that opinion doesn’t mean shit in reality. But most importantly, just an asshole.”

Last: “You’ve been a great enabler, but you know your crap has sucked for years. And that’s Mr. Asshole, to you! Toxic!”

Matt: “Another shitty joke, must be your forte, Least! My shit’s good, your shit is shit, you toxic, bitchass asshole.”

Last: “Are you trying to convince yourself? Your work is shit. Stay home, no one will care. You seem much more toxic than I am, with a track record to back it up. I’m better at what I do than you are at whatever it is you are still trying to do. – Mr. Asshole, to you”

Matt: “Don’t have to convince myself, my live reactions, paycheck & appearance fees solidify I’m good. I don’t know shit about you, nor care to. So keep doing what you’re good at, you goofy, bitchass asshole. I’ll do the same & you can continue to whine & cry about it like a baby.”

Last: “How dare you! You’re way goofier than me. You understand that you are the one whining & crying, right? Can you still comprehend that much? Once again, you seem quite TOXIC! Is everything ok?”

Matt: “Me stating that you 2 constantly fuel a toxic culture isn’t whining, it’s just hard truths. You constantly moaning & bitching about me wrestling is whining & crying – Can you discern that or are you a mooncalf? I’m great, btw. Just did a huge Con in TN, have 4 beautiful kids, financially set for life, still get to live my dream, have major respect within my industry, am considered a living legend, been a huge contributor to pro wrestling & no rando from the internet’s opinion is gonna change ANY of this. Especially not an egotistical asshole like Brian Least. Congrats on the podcast, it’ll be a great way to be remembered in history. Enough of this silly ass cyber convo, it’s time to go crawl up on top of my hot ass wife.”