Matt Menard Talks About “Magic Meat” Pairing With The Butcher

The Blind Eliminator Tag-Team Tournament makes for interesting pairings in All Elite Wrestling.

One of them was the duo collectively known as Magic Meat.

“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard spoke about being paired with The Butcher in the AEW Blind Eliminator Tag-Team Tournament during a recent episode of his “Daddy Magic Show.”

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On how he loves The Butcher and really enjoyed getting paired with him: “It was something, right, the random drawing? The blind eliminator tag team tournament. Definitely blind. Renee and RJ City doing the little bingo, picking out the gimmicks there. Who do they pick? None other than Daddy Magic and The Butcher. This guy, an absolute psycho. This guy’s a nut case. I could not have asked for a better partner, somebody to do promos with, somebody to wrestle with, somebody who matches my insanity. I don’t even know what I’m looking for. It’s a match made in heaven,” he said. “I got a little funny story on The Butcher. Sometimes, I like to have a little drink on a Saturday night, Sunday night, whatever. Once I get a few, I get a little chatty, and I start texting with Chris Jericho, The Ocho, The Wizard. I don’t know what we were going on about. We were trying to come up with an idea for something, and I’m drinking, and I go, ‘Man, how about The Butcher? Let’s use The Butcher. Let do it with The Butcher.’ He’s like, ‘He’s already in a tag team.’ I’m like, who cares? I love The Butcher. Who doesn’t love The Butcher? Look at this guy. He’s a maniac. You don’t want to be friends with The Butcher? You don’t want to work with The Butcher? This guy’s money.’ Any time I’m having a drink and there’s ideas being thrown around, I’m pitching, The Butcher’s name is going into the hat. That’s all I’m gonna say. [The blind draw] worked out. In theory, it worked out. The match, not so much.”

On their tag team name, which they dubbed “Magic Meat”: “Something fun would never happen? That would never happen. Seriously, this promo, we put it together in 30 seconds. It was like, ‘Okay guys, let’s get a pre-tape for digital. We’re gonna use Renee, she’s gonna introduce you, thoughts on the match tonight,’ fucking boom, get it done. In and out. No problem. How do you? Next. That you do. We’re pros, we’re professionals. It could not have been easier. I did my thing up front. Butcher, he just wanted to get that line in. We knew we’re just two psychos. It was gonna work. It didn’t matter what we said. It was gonna work.”

Check out more from “The Daddy Magic Show” with Matt Menard via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.