MJF Reacts To The Success Of “Better Than You Bay Bay” T-Shirt Sales

MJF and Adam Cole are the hottest duos in AEW, and they have their t-shirt sales to prove it.

As first reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, MJF & Cole’s “Better Than You BAY BAY” tee has outsold all other AEW shirts this year. That is a tremendous feat considering that we are more than halfway completed with this year, and the shirts have only been around for a few weeks.

The ever-opportunistic MJF reacted to a tweet about the news, tweeting himself, “We got another one cooking,” referring to their new shirt named after their finisher.

The two stars who are tremendous personalities, are now delivering on another level together.

We have to wait to see where AEW will go with this and how long this will continue. One thing is for sure, the unlikely duo of MJF and Adam Cole has been the most entertaining duo in AEW.