Roderick Strong Comments On Adam Cole Revealing Himself As The Devil

AEW star Roderick Strong recently spoke with Alicia Atout on a number of topics including how he knew from the very beginning that Adam Cole turning his back on MJF and revealing himself as the devil was gonna work out.

Strong said, “100% had confidence it was gonna work out. I don’t think I’d do anything without that confidence. Be it, some things don’t work out, but at least, I try. I go in expecting everything to work, and with my best friend Adam. It was a very well-together plan, and it took time, and that’s something nowadays people don’t know what do to with, when something takes time. It was very interesting to watch things play out the way they needed to and see when there was a lack of patience for an answer, there was patience for an answer. That’s exactly what we wanted. It’s a day and age where everything is instant gratification, and for this to work, especially against sometime as intelligent as Max, it needed to take time. Obviously, broken ankle in there, there’s certain things that changed it slightly, delayed certain aspects of it, but yeah, no, I was 100% confident. Adam was confident, I was confident.”

You can check out Strong’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)