Rumor Killer On Strict CMLL Stipulations Regarding Mexican Talent On AEW Programming

According to the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, when CMLL stars appear on an AEW show, other Mexican talent are not permitted to appear, particularly wrestlers from AAA because of their long-standing rivalry. This also includes Mexican talent from other promotions if CMLL wrestlers are present.

According to Fightful Select, those reports are untrue as AEW sources have even told the publication that Komander did appear on the January 31st episode of Dynamite the same night there were CMLL stars on the show.

Penta EL Zero Miedo was set to appear on an AEW show with a CMLL talent, but he ran into some travel issues, and that is the only reason why he couldn’t make it.

It was confirmed that CMLL talents are not supposed to be booked in angles or matches with AAA talent.