Sheamus Shoots On The Rise Of Roman Reigns In WWE

Sheamus likes to keep it real.

That’s what he did during a recent interview with The Daily Mail.

While speaking with the media outlet, “The Celtic Warrior” gave his unfiltered thoughts on the rise of Roman Reigns in WWE.

“Let’s be honest, before he went away with COVID, people didn’t give a sh*t about him,” Sheamus said. “He was the big baby face who was wrestling Goldberg and nobody really cared. I think in the same way it benefited me to come back and wrestle in that empty arena at Thunderdome where people got to see how physical I really can be and allowed me to have that more freedom and settle into my own skin and just say: ‘screw it, I’m going to go out there and have fun, do what I’m gonna do.’ In the same sense it benefitted him, because he was at a point where it was forced down people’s throats and he got to go away and come back in this different character. Obviously there’s the luxury of getting all the storyline time and everything. I feel like he’s made the most of the opportunity he’s had, but I feel like there’s guys on the roster begging for that amount of time to tell their own stories and that’s one of the only things that’s going.”

Sheamus continued, “The rest of the roster needs story time too. With MSG [Madison Square Garden] a couple of weeks ago, they went 20 minutes over. So me and Theory had two segs which ended up turning into three small segs on the floor, you know, so that’s tough as well to go out and do that. It’s definitely benefited him a lot and Heyman and the story they have to tell, all within that family and stuff, but as I said there’s plenty of other people on the roster that could do with story time as well. I’m not taking anything away from him, I’m just saying.”

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