Spoilers: WWE NXT Taping Results For 5/21/2024

Following this week’s episode of WWE NXT on the USA Network, the May 21 episode of NXT was taped at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida due to production staff and agents making their way to Saudi Arabia next week for the King and Queen of the Ring PLE. Full spoilers are below, courtesy of PWInsider.com.

– Fallon Henley defeated Thea Hail to advance to the ladder match for the NXT Women’s North American Championship at NXT Battleground. Fallon got Chase U ejected when she went to get a chair from under the ring and let Ridge take it from her. The referee saw Ridge with the chair in hand and that led to the referee ejecting the four of them. The two had a one on one match from there with Thea locking in the Kimura. Fallon was able to get to the ropes and to the floor with the Kimura still locked in and rushed Thea into the barricade. Fallon rolled Thea back into the ring for a Shining Wizard and the win. After the match, Jazmyn Nyx came out and attacked Thea while Fallon looked on from the entrance.

– Wes Lee and Joe Coffey were declared co-winners in the Triple Threat Qualifying Match with Josh Briggs. This was a competitive match that ended with Mark Coffey and Wolfgang attacking Briggs while Wes and Joe fought on the other side. The match ended with Coffey hitting Wes Lee with a headbutt allowing both to fall on a downed Briggs and the ref counted both as the winner. It was not stated why Ivar was not in the match.

– Axiom and Nathan Frazer defeated Luca Crusifino and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship. During the match, all three of No Quarter Catch crew came in through the crowd and attacked Tony at ringside. This caused a distraction for Stacks and Luca allowing Frazer and Axiom to retain. After the match, The D’Angelo Family and No Quarter Catch Crew brawled on the floor and to the back. While Frazer and Axiom were in the ring, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows rushed the ring laying out Axiom and hitting the Magic Killer on Frazer. Both posed with the NXT tag titles.

– Jaida Parker defeated Brinley Reece to advance to the ladder match for the NXT Women’s North American Championship at NXT Battleground. OTM walked Jaida to the ring but did not stay at ringside for the match. Edris Enofé and Malik Blade at one point came to the stage. Jaida was able to get the win following her running hip attack to a kneeling Brinley.

– Lexis King made his way down to the ring and talked about how it is great to be him and mentioned how he has been on a winning streak as of late and it doesn’t matter who he faces since he will win again. Mr. Stone’s music then hit and he came to the entrance and pointed behind him. Dante Chen’s music then hit and it appears he is aligned with Mr. Stone.

– Dante Chen defeated Lexis King with a small package. Stone at one point hopped on the apron to distract Lexis. Dante Chen and Mr. Stone celebrated and posed at the entrance as King was visibly frustrated.

– WWE NXT Champion Trick Williams made his way down to the ring for a promo. He spoke about how he was jumped two weeks ago in the back and how Noam Dar was jumped last week. Williams wanted to clarify that if anyone knows about getting jumped from behind backstage it is him and he did not do that to Noam. williams then said if he had, then Noam would have been unconscious with a footprint on his face. Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend then made their way out to ringside, not convinced despite Lash saying that Trick would not have done that. Joe Coffey then came to the entrance and says they are probably wondering why someone challenging for the North American Title is out here. Coffee says Trick is about to find out why. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey then attacked Trick in the ring. Je’Von Evans then made his way out for the save but the numbers game overwhelmed him as well. Gallus then stood tall as Oro, Lash, and Jakara watched from ringside. Lash seemed to want to go in to help Trick while this all happened but Oro and Jakara were talking her out of it.

– Natalya and Karmen Petrovic defeated Lola Vice and Shayna Bazler with Karmen getting the win on Lola. After the match, Shayna went to pick Lola up, who laid out Shayna with a back fist. As Lola celebrated and was going to leave the ring, Shayna put her on the apron in the Kirfuda Clutch and pulled Lola back into the ring. Referees then made their way out to separate the two. Ava came out and announced the two will face off at NXT Battleground in an NXT Underground Match.