Steven Borden On His Future In Pro Wrestling Following AEW Revolution Appearance

Steven Borden, the son of “The Icon” Sting, recently spoke with on a number of topics including his future in pro wrestling following his appearance at AEW Revolution.

Borden said, “The first thing I would caveat with is as much as, you know, my dad is Sting. He’s an icon, he’s a legend, he is somebody. I am at this point, nobody. He put so much work in to get into the industry and the guys that are currently on the AEW roster put a lot of work in to get where they are. So whenever I answer the question of whether or not I would, I’m answering whether or not I would attempt it. I think it’s super presumptuous to say, ‘yeah, you know, I’ll decide whether or not to grace whoever with my presence.’ Because I have not earned anything at this point, not the approval of the fans and not a spot at AEW. So regardless of who my dad is, I would say I’m very similar to anybody else who wants to get into AEW.”

If he would be interested in wrestling:

Borden said, “The answer for my whole life, the reason why you would have heard that from Darby is because that has been the answer since I was a kid. I think it was probably a question that I’ve been asked more than anything in my entire life, ‘When are you going to get into wrestling?’ I just always liked leaving it as my dad’s thing. I never really had much interest in stepping into his world. I thought that was his thing. I would say it’s mostly still similar, but that said, maybe in the last six months to a year that answer has gotten a little bit more murky. Part of that is probably because I’m not ready to let him walk away or watch him walk away. I think somebody tweeted at me something like, ‘the hardest part about being a Sting fan is that he couldn’t stay young forever,’ and that actually hit me a little bit.”

“I think for most of my life, people have said, ‘Oh, you remind me of your dad.’ Of course, I’m his son, there’s going to be similarities. He has quite some strong genes at this point. What I mentioned earlier was that part of me has wondered recently whether or not I’ll regret never finding out how strong those genes really are. You know, I think he’s a superstar. He has some level of charisma and electricity that’s very rare. I think the only way to find out whether or not that electricity passed down in true fashion is to sort of put yourself out there and put yourself in the arena and everyone will decide for themselves whether or not I’m his son or just a ‘Sting from home’ kind of a situation.”

Not taking his dad’s persona if he does get in the ring:

Borden said, “Let me just clear that up too. I would never be Sting two. There’s only one Sting so it’s more just the similarities and all of that, so I think maybe the answer has gotten a little bit less clear. Recently, I’m just, this is a very transparent answer that I’m giving. All of this is very new, so it’s all something that’s happening in real time. Some of it might just be because there’s a lot of emotion around the ending of a 38 year career, and maybe I’m just not ready to let it go yet.”