Tammy Sytch Dealing With Blood Clot While In Prison

Due to a felony DUI charge, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch is currently held at the Marion County, Florida, Lowell Correctional Institute.

In March 2022, a traffic incident in Ormond Beach, Florida, killed 75-year-old Julian Lasseter. She pleaded no contest to one felony charge of driving with a suspended license that resulted in death, four misdemeanor counts of DUI with bodily harm, and two misdemeanor charges of DUI with property damage.

She faced a maximum sentence of 25 years, but the judge imposed 17 years and eight years of probation, divided into 10 years for driving with a suspended license causing death and seven years for DUI manslaughter. She isn’t eligible for parole.

While speaking with TMZ, Sytch revealed that she has a blood clot. She sought medical attention after experiencing swelling from her knee to her toes.

She claims she didn’t get any help for weeks, despite her leg looking like’somebody put a bicycle tire pump on it and just inflated it twice the size.’ Sytch, who has diabetes, stated that her leg changed colors and a red lump appeared under her calf at one point, causing her to be unable to walk on it. After testing, it was discovered that she had a blood clot, which required her to take thinners for treatment.

Sytch admitted that getting the medication had been difficult and expressed her dissatisfaction with the guards’ treatment of her. Sytch also expressed concern about her future, comparing herself to her ex-husband, Chris Candido, who died in 2005.

“All that’s been going through my mind for the past three weeks is, oh my God, I’m going to follow in (my ex-husband’s) footsteps and die of a blood clot just like he did because I can’t get medical treatment at this prison. It’s pretty bad.”

Although it was initially thought that Candido died from a blood clot after having titanium plates and screws inserted into his legs after dislocating his ankle and fracturing both his tibia and fibula, his brother Johnny told Pro Wrestling Stories that the autopsy revealed that Chris died from acute pneumonia.

Sytch will be 67 years old when she leaves prison in 2040.