Tony Khan Addresses Potentially Stepping Away From His Role With AEW

AEW President Tony Khan was asked about potentially leaving the company during a media call to promote the 2024 Dynasty PPV event.

Khan said, “Certainly, at some point, we would have to see where we’re at. With all positions, nobody lasts forever, and eventually, that’s something, with any position in any organization I’m in will be a reality. Whether it’s the Jaguars, Fulham, AEW, or True Media. I won’t be here forever,” he said. “It’s definitely one of the highlights of my life, being involved in these shows, work on these shows, and do creative planning. I’m having more fun than ever right now. I take it year to year, moment to moment, and really love what we’re doing right now. I’m only 41 years old and I feel like the company is in a strong place and some of the greatest wrestlers in the world are loyal to me personally, and I’m really proud of that, and hopefully, I can continue to do my best to repay them.”

“Right now, I think the company is in a strong place. We just had a valuation of $2 billion placed on AEW for a sports start-up. The fastest-rising sports start-up of all time and the most successful sports start-up in the world since the AFL, that later merged with the NFL. I don’t see that same future for us, but I do love the comparison and I think the numbers are quite real and the story is exciting for AEW. We are a major player in the sports scene and it’s going to be a big year for our company with our media rights renewal and it’s the most important thing right now for the wrestlers, staff, and everyone that works at AEW and for our fans.”

You can check out the complete media call below:

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