Video: Rey Mysterio Appears Unmasked With His Daughter

Rey Mysterio was recently spotted unmasked for a TikTok video with his daughter, Aalyah Gutiérrez, in an unusual moment.

Rey recently returned to WWE TV after being sidelined for several months following knee surgery in late 2023. Last week on SmackDown, Mysterio defeated Santos Escobar.

Although longtime fans are already familiar with Mysterio’s appearance without his mask, as he was unable to wear it for months in WCW, the legendary figure has been protective of his identity and is rarely seen in public without it. If he is not wearing his mask, he covers his face with his hand and wears sunglasses.

That changed in the TikTok video, where they lip-synced to a song.

Fans may remember Alayah from her appearance on WWE television a few years ago, when she was involved in a feud with Buddy Murphy and Seth Rollins against The Mysterio Family, in which Murphy entered a romantic storyline with her.

You can watch the video below:


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