Wendy Choo Addresses Her WWE NXT Critics During Chiropractic Session (Video)

WWE NXT Superstar Wendy Choo recently had an informative visit to the chiropractor.

During the appearance for a chiropractic session with Dr. Beau Hightower, which WWE recorded and released via YouTube, Choo spoke about a number of topics.

Among them, Choo spoke about how she hasn’t wrestled since New Year’s Evil in January due to an injury. She noted that she caters to children with this persona before addressing detractors of the character.

“It’s crazy, right? I had a bunch of different characters within my four years of being here (in WWE) but the latest, my latest character was Wendy Choo,” Choo said. “It’s been very fun and rewarding and I think one of my two favorite matches there, one of them was a championship match for the NXT Women’s Championship and that was against Mandy Rose.”

Choo continued, “That was like the first time that I got to really show my stuff. Everyone sees my character as, oh, she’s like a cute little girl. She can’t really do anything and sometimes, that can be really cool and it happens quite often because, you know, the general population get to comment on what we do but, what they don’t see is all the amount of work that we put into it and that it is a character and sometimes a character are a small or a large extension of ourselves so, being my fun character, I really do my best to try to cater to children and be fun and animated and something different and some people don’t like it and that’s okay because everyone has their own flavors but, I do love it… With that, judging a book by its cover, they’re just like, ugh, this annoying kid, this annoying little girl-looking character. We can’t take her seriously. She’s annoying and whatever it is. They think that I’m not a serious competitor, which is completely false because I’ve been doing this for 10 years. I know that I can wrestle my ass off so, having that moment of finally having a real match, like a championship match is crazy to me because they got to see how athletic I was, they got to see my personality, they got to see more than just this little, small prankster Wendy Choo. They got to see, wow, she can flip. She looks like she can hit hard. She looks like almost a threat in the ring, you know?”

Check out the complete video below. H/T to POSTWrestling.com for transcribing the above quotes.