WWE Not Signing Will Ospreay Upset Some People In The Company

(Photo Credit: AEW)

Given that Will Ospreay is making waves in AEW so quickly into his official tenure, many believe that WWE lost out on signing him despite their interest in him.

As PWMania.com previously reported, some WWE insiders believe Triple H made him a lowball offer during negotiations before Ospreay signed with All Elite Wrestling last November.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that in 2016, some saw him as a younger version of AJ Styles, and that some were disappointed that the company did not sign him due to their high opinion of him.

“With Will, it was just that they saw him as maybe AJ Styles when he first came in, maybe not even at that level because AJ Styles had a little bit of a name in the United States from TNA. Not realizing that again, he’s at a different level…and so much better personality, but I mean, the whole thing and more, so much more charisma. But the thing is not that AJ doesn’t have charisma or anything like that and that he is not a great wrestler. AJ when he first came in there, and still now he’s a super talented guy, but the thing with Ospreay, it’s I know people in that company who are very, very high on him, and that were very upset. I don’t say very upset, but upset surely they didn’t get him because they knew he was this good. And they just thought that he’s a guy who can be like a real major player here.” Meltzer stated.

Ospreay is set to work with Bryan Danielson on Dynasty next month.