WWE NXT Level Up Results – April 19, 2024

(Image Credit: WWE)

WWE NXT Level Up Results – April 19, 2024

Riley Osborne vs. Kale Dixon

Riley Osborne controls the arm but gets backed into the corner.

Kale Dixon with a float over and hits a dropkick that sends Osborn to the floor.

Dixon holds the ropes open and invites him back in the ring.

We get a lock up and Osborne hooks a side headlock.

Dixon breaks and counters with one of his own before Osborne runs him into the corner to break and then gets an armdrag and a dropkick that sends Dixon to the floor.

Osborne holds the ropes open for Dixon as he accepts and then boots Osborne in the chest.

Osborne back with a chop and then he heads up top but Dixon moves and catches Osborne with a kick to the chest. Whip to the corner and Dixon gets a tight cover for a two count.

He uses his boot to choke Osborne on the bottom rope.

He hooks a submission but Osborne escapes as he starts to pick up the pace and gets a headscissors.

Uppercut in the corner before Dixon runs into a knee and Osborne heads up and hits a Shooting Star Press for the win.

Winner: Riley Osborne

Karmen Petrovic vs. Wren Sinclair

Wren Sinclair shoots in for a leg but Karmen Petrovic stuffs it and gets a side headlock.

Sinclair tries to push off but Petrovic hangs on and grinds her to the mat.

Sinclair gets a one count as she rolls to a cover but Petrovic is out and maintains control.

We end up with a stalemate and they start again before Sinclair offers a high 5 so Petrovic goes to work on her arm. They trade roll ups and Petrovic is back to the side headlock.

Sinclair escapes and gets a leg trip and another for a two count.

Petrovic gets a neck snap for a two count before they clothesline each other and the ref checks on both women.

Sinclair gets a chinlock and modifies it by putting a knee in the back and bending backwards. Petrovic slips out and floats over for a two count.

Petrovic starts firing off kicks and hits a running clothesline.

She connects with a kick in the corner and then a leg sweep followed by another kick for the win.

Winner: Karmen Petrovic

Tag Team Match
Hank Walker & Tank Ledger vs. Drake Morreaux & Javier Bernal

Tank Ledger starts with Drake Morreaux and gets mowed down with a shoulder.

Hank Walker wants some but Morreaux mows him down as well and makes the tag to Javier Bernal. He gets caught by Walker and gets slam down.

Tag to Ledger and he sling shots in with a splash for a two count then more tandem offense from Walker & Ledger as they squash Bernal in the corner over and over.

Morreaux in and they slam him on Bernal then a Meet in The Middle Splash to both Morreaux & Bernal. We settle back down to Morreaux & Walker.

Walker comes off the top rope but Drake avoids and gets a clothesline.

Tag to Bernal and he pounds away on the mat then a headscissors from Bernal connects and a tag back to Drake.

Bernal with a superkick on the apron which lets Morreaux get a belly 2 back suplex for two.

Morreaux eats a boot to the face off a charge and is able to make the tag to Ledger.

He runs wild and gets an atomic drop on Bernal followed by a shoulder tackle off the middle ropes.

Blind tag to Morreaux & Ledger doesn’t see him as he tries a splash in the corner.

Morreaux cuts him off with a clothesline that sends him to the floor.

Bernal with a blind tag and he comes off the top rope with a crossbody for a two count as Walker made the save.

Morreaux gets sent to the floor which lets Walker & Ledger hits Collision Course for the win.

Winners: Hank Walker & Tank Ledger