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WWE Raw Results – June 9th, 2014

WWE Raw Results – June 9th, 2014 The show kicks off with Triple H and Stephanie making their way to the ring. Triple H says that tonight is a good night to be right. Stephanie then says that they have the privilege to announce blockbuster announcements. Stephanie says that tonight we get to resolve the issue with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. We then get a clip of Dr. Maroon giving an announcement that Bryan wont be able to compete. Stephanie then says we couldn’t expect an A+ recovery fromRead More
Here’s a follow up on the Seth Rollins heel turn from Monday’s Raw. Although the company had this angle planned a few weeks in advance, the angle was not written into Monday’s script. Apparently WWE wanted to keep the angle secret from everyone to avoid having anything leaking out. As reported, the script used backstage at Monday’s Raw had Kane vs. John Cena as the main event. The Seth Rollins heel turn was not even hinted at in the script that everyone saw. It’s very possible that there wasRead More

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WWE Raw Results – April 28, 2014

WWE Raw Results – April 28th, 2014 Raw opens in St Louis with a video package of The Wyatts vs John Cena from last week on Raw. We cut to the ring and a steel cage is set up around the ring. Out comes John Cena. John Cena asks why to start off his promo. The fans are heavily against Cena. He then says why did the fans vote him to face the entire Wyatt family. He says that they were given a choice to give him a fair chanceRead More
roh has a really good piece up looking at ROH & the impact it’s had on the WWE. Here is an excerpt from their piece: In fall 2005, 600 fans packed into a small rec center in Suffolk County just three miles north of the Long Island Expressway to watch a wrestling show presented by a company called Ring of Honor. In one of the night’s main events, a fearless 5-foot-8 grappler defeated a hard-nosed southerner for the ROH World Championship after more than 30 minutes of grueling action. ThoseRead More

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WWE Main Event Results – October 23, 2013

WWE Main Event Results – October 23rd, 2013 We are welcomed by Josh Matthews and The Miz. Goldust vs Seth Rollins Goldust and Seth Rollins lock up in the middle of the ring to start the match. Rollins gets out of a head lock but then takes a couple of shoulder blocks, followed by an arm drag. Rollins goes to the outside to regroup as Goldust waits in the ring. Rollins gets back in and locks in a headlock of his own. Rollins hit’s a shoulder block but Goldust onceRead More

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FATP: The Rhodes to Success

One of the things that people say a lot about me is that I’m too angry and hard to please. That I don’t like anything. But that’s not the full story. I might come across as a moaner. Or as angry. Or as if I don’t like anything. But that’s not the case whatsoever. If I do get angry, wound up, or frustrated, it’s only because I love the business. I love the pageantry. The pomp and circumstance. The athletic contest, the storytelling, the theatrics. All of that stuff. I’mRead More

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Current WWE Superstars Added To NXT Roster

WWE’s NXT promotion is not just limited to developmental superstars. Wrestlers that are on the main roster regularly appear on their internationally distributed program that is taped at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. has revised the promotion’s official roster of Superstars appearing on the program. The current superstars on the NXT roster are as follows: Aksana Alex Riley Antonio Cesaro Camacho Derrick Bateman Drew McIntyre Hunico Jey Uso Jimmy Uso Jinder Mahal Johnny Curtis Justin Gabriel Kaitlyn Michael McGillicutty Natalya Percy Watson Tamina Snuka Tyson KiddRead More
- WWE has no plans on putting former partners Kassius Ohno and Antonio Cesaro back together on the main roster. There had been speculation after the two teamed to face Seth Rollins and CM Punk at last week’s NXT tapings in a dark main event. The match was done as something special for the crew and the fans in attendance. WWE is hoping for United States Champion Cesaro to break out as a singles wrestler for the longterm. – As previously reported, WWE Superstars have commented on Triple H andRead More
- Following the news that Ezekiel Jackson wasn’t at SummerSlam and won’t be on the European tour in November, fans have been asking him about his status with WWE. Jackson noted on Twitter last night that he has not been released by WWE and that he will return to TV “soon.” – The dark main event following Thursday night’s WWE NXT tapings saw CM Punk and Seth Rollins defeat Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno. William Regal, who works NXT commentary, tweeted the following about the match: “Very proud to beRead More
- WWE Champion CM Punk spent Wednesday afternoon at the WWE developmental school in Tampa, talking and meeting with the talents. – While the news has been out for a while now and NXT even spoiled it on their official website, Seth Rollins defeated Jinder Mahal to win the vacant NXT Title on this week’s episode of WWE NXT. Rollins was asked what it felt like to be named the first-ever NXT Champion on Twitter. He replied: “Easily the greatest moment of my career. “Surreal” doesn’t do it justice.” –Read More

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FATP: Predicting the 6 Champions in WWE at the End of 2012

Sorry that this week’s FATP is a little later than usual. I’m covering the Olympics with my job, so I wasn’t quite on time this week. I’ll still post weekly, but the days might be a little mixed up until the Olympics are over. Thanks to everyone who tweeted me last week after my “State of the WWE address”. It’s the most interactive article I’ve done so far, so thanks for your support. It means a lot. We’re half-way through the year already and here’s a list of the currentRead More

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Thunder’s Weekly Rundown 07/28/12

After taking a short vacation, I’m back with this week’s rundown. Raw 1000 was a big success and the overall week of wrestling was pretty enjoyable, so let’s take a look at it! Since FCW has not yet been posted for this week, here is coverage from the past two shows that I didn’t recap. FCW 07/12/12 Richie Steamboat defeats Antonio Cesaro in sudden death during an FCW 15 Championship match. Benicio Salazar is defeated by Bray Wyatt in a squash match. Raquel Diaz cuts a promo putting herself over.Read More
As previously reported, Seth Rollins became the first-ever WWE NXT Champion at Thursday’s tapings in Full Sail University, defeating Jinder Mahal. WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel did the ring announcing for the match and after it was over, Dusty Rhodes presented him with the belt while Triple H came to the ring to congratulate him. After Triple H came down, the rest of the NXT babyface wrestlers came down to join in on the celebration. The entire roster, including Hall of Famers in attendance, watched the match fromRead More
WWE taped another three episodes of WWE NXT Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Thanks to Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks who was on hand for the taping and sent in the following results: Dark Match * Bo Dallas defeated Dean Ambrose via roll-up Episode 1 * They played a video of Dusty Rhodes welcoming everyone to history. Tonight, we will crown a NXT champion. He says it is an exciting night tonight and that this will be a night ofRead More
- WWE will tape another round of NXT tonight from the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. The only WWE Superstar confirmed for tonight’s tapings is Big Show for the dark main event. As usual, Jim Ross will be on hand for commentary and the WWE Divas will be featured. We will have full spoilers later this evening. Tonight’s tapings will see the first-ever WWE NXT Champion crowned as Seth Rollins takes on SmackDown’s Jinder Mahal in a tournament final. Rollins is calling it the biggest match of hisRead More

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*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results; The NXT Title Tournament

World Wrestling Entertainment taped three more episodes of NXT Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Thanks to Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks for the following results: Jim Ross, William Regal, and Byron Saxton arrived for commentary. Dark match * Alex Riley defeated Antonio Cesaro w/Aksana via the TKO. Episode 1 * A video is shown featuring the participants in the NXT title tournament. They are Bo Dallas, Richie Steamboat, Jinder Mahal, Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre, Michael McGillicutty and Justin Gabriel *Read More

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Competitors In The WWE NXT Championship Tournament Revealed

The following wrestlers are competing in the NXT Title tournament: * Bo Dallas * Richie Steamboat * Leo Kruger * Jinder Mahal * Seth Rollins * Drew McIntyre * Michael McGillicutty * Justin Gabriel The tapings are currently ongoing at Full Sail University in Florida.Read More

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ThunderStruck: Weekly Rundown 06/03/12 – 06/09/12

Welcome to the rundown! I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, and I’m looking for some feedback. I really don’t have the motivation to do all of these shows in separate columns, and so I’m curious what you guys think of the format or if you have any suggestions on what I might do differently. Feedback is appreciated! Let’s get to it: FCW 06/03/12 Jason Jordan went one on one with Leo Kruger. Kruger wins the match using a face first slam from what started out as aRead More

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Jim Ross Endorses Two WWE Developmental Talents

Jim Ross recently commented positively about two members of WWE’s developmental talent pool. Ross, who is headed to Florida to evaluate the developmental talent this week, said the following about Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose: On Seth Rollins: “Confident he will be a ‘player.’ big upside potential.” On Dean Ambrose: “Unlimited potential. Calling Ambrose vs. (William Regal) Thurs. at FCW.”Read More