Powerhouse Hobbs Turns Babyface On AEW Collision

On this week’s AEW Collision, a babyface turn took place.

The Owen Hart Tournament match featured Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks. Hobbs had QT Marshall at ringside, but when QT attempted to intervene on Hobbs’ behalf, things went wrong and Starks won by hitting the spear off the ropes.

Hobbs shoved QT after the match. When Aaron Solow entered the ring, just as Hobbs was about to attack QT, Harley Cameron stepped in between them, saving QT from a beating.

Hobbs is one of the names thought to be getting a big push, and management is said to be high on him, so this appears to be a new beginning for him.

Click here for complete AEW Collision results. Here is a clip from the segment: