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In this edition of Wrestle Talk TV Extra, Hulk Hogan discusses the roles of Sting and Ric Flair in TNA and shares his views on their contribution to the roster and what the Impact wrestling roster bring to the table.Read More
Part 2 of Arda Ocal’s interview with Bret “Hitman” Hart has been posted and involved a very interesting discussion about Ric Flair: http://youtu.be/7T1zNhhbcGU Ric Flair and his matches with Ric in 1992 when Bret first became WWE champion: “Flair was a tricky guy to work with, when I worked with Ric. When he was champion we had much better matches and the moment the title got switched we seemed to screw up my match every night… I always felt it was sabotage. I actually went to Vince, cause (Flair) wasRead More
Recently, there’s speculation about the future of some of the major talents that either were or are apart of the WWE roster and depending on if they exit the company, it could have a major effect on the product. Randy Orton, one of the top performers for the WWE was suspended for sixty days for his second violation of the Wellness Policy. Another violation would result in Orton being fired and with that as a possibility, it somewhat limits what Orton could be involved with from a storyline prospective becauseRead More

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More On Christian Appearing At TNA Slammiversary Tonight

Christian’s appearance at tonight’s TNA Slammiversary pay-per-view is indeed part of the deal worked out between WWE and TNA that allowed Ric Flair to attend the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony earlier this year. No word yet on his role for the pay-per-view but sources report that he is not the wrestler who will be answering Crimson’s open challenge. Christian’s Slammiversary appearance is a one-shot deal. Sources say don’t expect to see him live on Impact Wrestling this week or beginning any storylines on tonight’s pay-per-view. (Source: F4Wonline.com )Read More

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WWE’s Christian Appearing At TNA Slammiversary; Details

Dixie Carter posted the following on Twitter this morning: “On a plane headed to Dallas for the big PPV this weekend. Very excited @Christian4Peeps is joinin us for the night. He’s one of my favorites” TNA is announcing their first Hall of Fame member at the PPV this weekend. When TNA allowed Ric Flair to go to the WWE Hall of Fame this year, rumors were that TNA would get something in return. Will Christian be TNA’s first hall of fame inductee?Read More

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Ric Flair Working With NC Restaurant To Raise Money For Charity

The following press release was issued today: Ric Flair® says WOOOOO!™ to working with The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar to raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation CHARLOTTE, N.C. – June 7, 2012 — Two-time WWE Hall of Famer, 16 time World Heavyweight Champ, and Charlotte’s own, Ric Flair is going to the mat for the new Nature Boy’s WOOOOO-shi BuffalOOOOO-shi Roll at The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. A regular at the popular restaurant, Flair inspired Master Sushi Chef Rifali Almunir to craft the roll that will surely have sushi lovers shoutingRead More

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Sting Says He Shouldn’t Be The First TNA HOF Name, More

Sting was part of a conference call today to promote this Sunday’s Slammiversary and talked about his retirement, who he thinks is TNA’s next star and more. Check out the highlights: -Lizzy Bynum opened the call with a preview of this Thursday’s Impact Wrestling and then ran down the Slammiversary card. She opened the call for questions -Sting was asked to compare TNA now to what it was when he joined TNA and asked when he bought in and placed his stamp of approval on it. Sting said he boughtRead More

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Details On Creative Plans Discussed For Ric Flair In WWE

According to sources in WWE, the creative team is currently discussing different on-air roles for Ric Flair. The most popular option has been using Flair as a manager for Dolph Ziggler. Mason Ryan has been acting as Ziggler’s body guard at recent live events and will begin accompanying Ziggler to the ring on television soon in the event that Flair’s negotiations fall through. WWE plans to negotiate a legends contract and possibly a talent contract for the 16-time World champion. It’s worth noting that people in WWE are concerned withRead More
- Former WWE superstar Sid Vicious noted on Twitter over the weekend that he’s received a “big offer” to make an upcoming appearance. With WWE recently contacting dozens of legends to appear at the 1,000th episode of RAW on July 23rd, this could be what he’s referring to. – WWE is starting to contact businesses it believes are infringing on Daniel Bryan’s “Yes!” catch phrase, which they have trademarked. – Several fans have sent in word that Ric Flair was spotted out in Greenville, South Carolina on Sunday night –Read More
People who work in the WWE offices report that Brian Wittenstein was very open about his knowledge of TNA while working for WWE. Someone in WWE finally realized that Wittenstein could be hurting them with what he was doing and he was fired, according to PWInsider. Wittenstein didn’t even make it out of his probationary period as he was fired before 90 days were up. Wittenstein worked in the New York independent scene before getting a job with TNA and later WWE. People in both companies say that he talkedRead More

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WWE’s Undertaker: The Streak DVD & Blu-ray Artwork Confirmed

The official box art cover for July’s WWE “Undertaker: The Streak” Home Video release has been confirmed on Amazon.com. Revealing the artwork will be the preliminary artwork released last week. The covers refer to the DVD as a 4-Disc set, and the Blu-ray edition a 3-Disc set. The Streak DVD and Blu-ray formats hits stores on July 24. Amazon.com are currently offering discounts on the home video with a pre-order price guarantee and eligible for free Super Saver Shipping. You can order or view the art work cover by clickingRead More
TNA’s lawsuit against WWE has been picked up by The Associated Press. They note that former TNA and WWE employee Brian Wittenstein had signed a non-disclosure agreement when he left TNA and agreed he would not pass on confidential information. PWInsider reports that nobody within TNA wants to talk about the lawsuit, in private or on the record. The lawsuit claims that former TNA employee Wittenstein leaked information to WWE, including terms of TNA wrestler contracts. WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt told the AP that WWE did not try to lureRead More

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WWE Ranks Their Top 25 Talkers Of All-Time – Full Listing

WWE has ranked the top 25 all-time “Masters of the Mic” on their website. Here’s the full listing: 1. Steve Austin 2. Roddy Piper 3. The Rock 4. Ric Flair 5. Chris Jericho 6. Jake Roberts 7. John Cena 8. Dusty Rhodes 9. Bobby Heenan 10. JBL 11. Randy Savage 12. CM Punk 13. Hulk Hogan 14. Mick Foley 15. Billy Graham 16. Vince McMahon 17. Edge 18. Paul Heyman 19. Triple H 20. Jesse Ventura 21. The Miz 22. Ted DiBiase Sr. 23. Santino Marella 24. Rick Rude 25.Read More

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WWE Attorney Responds To TNA Lawsuit, Latest On Lawsuit

As previously reported, TNA filed a lawsuit in court in Nashville against WWE and former TNA and WWE office worker Brian Wittenstein for interference with existing contracts, conversion, breach of contract, civil conspiracy, unfair competition, and violation of the Tennessee Uniform Trade Secrets Act. They are also suing Wittenstein for breach of duty of loyalty. The Nashville City Paper covered the TNA lawsuit against WWE. In their report, WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt commented, “Our reaction is that no good deed ever goes unpunished. What the WWE did here is whatRead More
The general feeling within TNA is that Ric Flair will not be back. At least one top star in the company says that Flair quit and TNA is trying to make it look like it’s the other way around. Regarding a return to WWE, some in the company believe he will be brought back because of the WWE Network and because Triple H will go to bat for him to be used again. Don’t expect to see Flair wrestle for WWE because of the retirement stipulation. Flair’s new deal withRead More
Several TNA sources have now confirmed that Ric Flair has “quit” TNA Wrestling. According to three different TNA sources, Flair no-showed several TNA events last weekend and didn’t show up to the iMPACT! tapings last Monday and Tuesday. TNA is trying to smooth things over but as of now, he is done with the company. Flair and Dixie Carter have had talks over the past week. There are rumblings that Flair will be signing with WWE under a “Legends Deal” to help promote the WWE Network. Flair also has anRead More

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Latest Update On Ric Flair & TNA Wrestling; Major Issues

As noted earlier today here on PWMania.com, Ric Flair and TNA are at a major impasse and there is a ton of heat on Flair for his conduct outside of the ring. One source described it as “being at the point it’s not worth keeping Flair around.” There have been a number of incidents with Flair at local establishments in Orlando since he joined TNA. Flair was reportedly banned from drinking at the Hard Rock Cafe at Citiwalk due to an incident. There also have been many stories about FlairRead More

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Huge News: Ric Flair Gone From TNA Wrestling? Full Details

According to sources, people close to Ric Flair and TNA have confirmed that the two sides are at a major impasse, as there is a ton of heat on Flair for conduct outside the ring. One TNA source described the situation as, “being at the point it’s not worth keeping Flair around.” There have reportedly been a number of incidents involving Flair at local establishments and bars in Orlando since coming to the company. Sources say that Flair was banned from drinking at the Hard Rock Cafe in Citiwalk dueRead More
- As noted before, WWE has signed Ric Flair’s daughter Ashley to a developmental deal. She is expected to report to FCW in Florida this July. Ashley has been training in North Carolina under former WCW star Lodi to prepare herself for WWE developmental. She recently broke her nose while training. You can view photos of Ric Flair’s daughter by clicking here. – WWE has added Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon to their Alumni section on their official website. – ECW Original The Blue Meanie turns 39 years old todayRead More