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Too Many Legends Around In WWE?

WWE has made it common business practice to bring in retired superstars and put them in front of television cameras. They’ve done it for a long time and I’m sure will continue doing it…forever.Read More

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WWE Raw Results – April 28, 2014

WWE Raw Results – April 28th, 2014 Raw opens in St Louis with a video package of The Wyatts vs John Cena from last week on Raw. We cut to the ring and a steel cage is set up around the ring. Out comes John Cena. John Cena asks why to start off his promo. The fans are heavily against Cena. He then says why did the fans vote him to face the entire Wyatt family. He says that they were given a choice to give him a fair chanceRead More
- The Ultimate Warrior is in New Orleans. From what I’ve heard from fans, he has been very gracious with fans that come up to him and has signed tons of autographed, especially for kids. There is talk among some of the wrestlers that are wondering what Warrior will say during his speech tonight. Many guys on the roster grew up as fans of Warrior. – TV and movie producer Jeff Bowler was seen hanging out with some of his old colleagues. Jeff Bowler was a company executive for WWERead More

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The Two Sheds Review: The Best of WCW Monday Nitro Volume Two

Now here’s something I haven’t said in a while. It’s time to step into WCW territory as we dip into the ever-growing pile of DVDs sent to me by the good people at Fremantle Media and Fetch Publicity for a review of The Best of WCW Monday Nitro Volume Two. As always these things begin with….. Disc 1 The Matches September 4th, 1995 It’s the very first edition of Nitro as Ric Flair challenges Sting for the United States title. So it was in the middle of a shopping centre,Read More
Skull Cans

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Death of Wrestling: Weed the People

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this regularly, you will know that this is not a blog about bashing wrestling; it’s a blog of a frustrated fan, who loves the business and wishes that each week it could be a little better. It’s a hot topic this week and I want to add my two pence worth. Everyone is talking about Jack Swagger’s arrest and the internet is abuzz with his new catchphrase: Weed the People. IRead More

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Ric Flair Wants To Come Back To WWE; Latest On His TNA Status

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair appeared on the Fox & Friends television show on Tuesday and said he would like to return to WWE. It was a quick mention at the end of the interview when one of the hosts said he’d like to see Vince McMahon rehire Flair. Ric Flair’s no complete clause from his TNA contract expires on September 10th.Read More
A photo of Ric Flair’s daughter, Ashley Fliehr, doing ring announcing at a NXT Wrestling live event.Read More
WWE Superstar Christian is scheduled to return at TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view to induct Sting into the TNA Hall of Fame. Christian working Bound For Glory was the second part of the deal made with WWE to allow Ric Flair to work WWE’s Hall of Fame earlier this year. There was a push on the TNA side to get Ric Flair to induct Sting but that likely won’t happen because of the lawsuit against WWE where Flair is named. Flair’s non-compete with TNA ends on September 6th as itRead More
Brock Lesnar
- Word is that Brock Lesnar won’t wrestle again until the Survivor Series pay-per-view in November. Lesnar still has plenty of dates left on his contract. – Ric Flair’s daughter Ashley has been doing some ring announcing in WWE developmental NXT. As noted before, she is using the name Charlotte. – Former WWE Women’s Champion Lita was in attendance for SummerSlam. She posted a photo on Twitter from the WWE production area in the crowd. (Partial source: PWInsider)Read More
- As PWMania.com mentioned on Monday, Ric Flair’s daughter Ashley reported to WWE developmental last week and was spotted at live events over the weekend. Since signing with WWE a few months ago, she has been in Charlotte, North Carolina training under George South. South previously worked with Richie Steamboat before he went to WWE developmental. PWMania.com has photos of Ric Flair’s daughter Ashley which you can view at this link or by visiting PWMania’s specials page. – Mick Foley continues to give big props to World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus.Read More
As PWMania.com previously reported, former WWWF Champion Bruno Sammartino recently appeared on the “Inside the Ropes Podcast.” Sammartino had some words for the legends of the industry, which you can listen to here. Bruno on Steve Austin: http://youtu.be/MOYXkIG7-bE Bruno on Hulk Hogan: http://youtu.be/PXZlBcMzZSU Bruno on Ric Flair: http://youtu.be/ypTMOTpBJIsRead More
- Ashley Fliehr Johnson has relocated to Tampa, Florida and reported to WWE developmental last week. Johnson was in attendance for weekend FCW live events. She will likely make her FCW debut soon after some training. Ashley is the 25 year old daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. PWMania.com has photos of Ric Flair’s daughter Ashley which you can view at this link or by visiting PWMania’s specials page. – Mick Foley will be making a announcement later tonight regarding his post-SummerSlam comedy show planned for The ImprovRead More
Joshua Modaberi recently interviewed Bobby Roode before Sunday’s Destination X pay-per-view. Here are some highlights. If he was inspired by any Canadian wrestlers: “Bret Hart obviously paved the way for all of us Canadians getting into the business, and I was a huge Bret Hart fan and enjoyed watching him wrestle. Whenever the big shows came to my hometown my parents would always buy front row tickets. So, I not only got to experience it on television but got to experience it live as well.” Working with Hulk Hogan, EricRead More
- A WWE source notes that Ric Flair is not expected for the 1,000th RAW episode later this month. Regarding Flair’s upcoming appearance for ICP’s Gathering of the Juggalos, he will not be wrestling but will be hosting the main stage which features music performances. – The news of Batista appearing in “Man With the Iron Fist” was not the big announcement that he and his agent have been hyping for months. Batista says that announcement is still coming and that fans are going to flip out. He wrote onRead More

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Natalya Congratulates New WWE Diva, Top 50 WWE RAW Matches

- Natalya congratulated Sara Del Rey for signing with WWE, tweeting her, “@thesaradelrey great things come to those who wait!!! We’ve come a long way from Japan:).” – WWE has released a list on WWE.com of the top 50 matches in RAW history. The top three matches are: 3. Bret Hart vs. 1-2-3 Kid (July 11, 1994) 2. Ric Flair vs. Mr. Perfect: Loser leaves WWE (Jan 25, 2003) 1. John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels (April 23, 2007) Although his name was not mentioned, WWE also picked up on aRead More
As PWMania.com previously reported, Ric Flair and his wife Jacqueline Bains Beems were involved in yet another violent altercation at their condo in Charlotte, North Carolina, this past Monday Night. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police were called to the home and it was determined that Beems assaulted Flair. Nobody was arrested or hospitalized. The New York Daily News is reporting that Ric Flair was the person who called the police to get protection from his wife. Beems was arrested back in 2010 after punching Ric Flair in the face. She was also arrestedRead More
John Cena celebrates ten years on the WWE roster today. On June 27, 2002, he answered an open challenge from Kurt Angle, kicking off a championship filled career. Cena reflects on his decade of destruction in an interview with WWE.com. Recalling his debut match against Angle, Cena stated, “Literally, I just needed to get through the curtain. I was in shambles that whole day. First, I was told I was going to have a match at 4:00 that afternoon. Then, I was told that I needed to get my hairRead More
Wrestling legend Ric Flair and his wife Jacqueline Bains Beems were involved in yet another violent altercation at their condo in Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday night. According to police, Beems assaulted Flair. Nobody was arrested or hospitalized. Even though the couple has been married for less than two years, this is not the first time police have gotten involved in Ric and Jacqueline’s domestic incidents. Beems was arrested back in 2010 after punching Ric Flair in the face. Those charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence. BeemsRead More

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Confirmed: Ric Flair Fired By TNA Wrestling

According to court documents filed in the WWE vs. TNA lawsuit case, TNA officially terminated with Ric Flair on May 11, 2012, reports Mike Johnson of PWInsider. Interesting to note, Flair is still listed as an official member of the TNA roster on the company website. We’ll have more on the WWE vs. TNA lawsuit shortly.Read More